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Treatment Modalities 
Photodynamic therapy
Facilities/Translational Research 
Phase 1 Capability
  • A variety or Phase 1 populations and mechanisms
  • First-in-Man studies
  • Multi-centre Phase 1 studies
Technology/equipment available within the centre
  • Radiology in support of trials (CT and MRI and conventional)
  • Proteomics
  • Mass-spectrometry (Clinical Pharmacology, RASOR)
  • Genetics/Genomics (WT-CRF, ScGTI)
Other Facilities
  • Wellcome Trust CRF
  • Histology/Molecular Pathology
Sample Collection
  • Tissue Banking Activity: Edinburgh ECMC Biospecimen Collection
  • Centre contact responsible for sample collection: Edinburgh ECMC Research Manager


ECMC funding provides infrastructure support for early phase and translational research.  From the ECMC Edinburgh portfolio, the following trials have been carried out.

Trial activity in Edinburgh ECMC between 2012-2015:


Trial type by disease in Edinburgh ECMC between 2012-2015:




The Edinburgh ECMC Histology laboratory was the first ECMC establishment and the first non-commercial establishment in the UK to be audited for, and pass the MHRA 'GCP for Laboratories' inspection