20 Mar 2015

A half day of interaction with Research Ethic Committee (REC) members and staff providing an insight into the NHS ethical review process.

Step-by-step guidance on the ethical review process including details on what to do before submitting an application, during the committee meeting and after gaining ethical approval. REC staff will provide advice on submitting the correct paperwork and their opinions on what information is required for a successful application.

Provider: Edinburgh Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility

19 Mar 2015

For personnel with previous GCP training. Mixture of lectures and workshops.
•Update on Clinical Trials Legislation
•Study Oversight
•Hot Topics – Trail Documentation, Archiving, Informed Consent
•Serious Breaches
•Principles of GCP

Provider: Edinburgh Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility

18 Mar 2015

Evidence-based practice is crucial in the drive to improve the effectiveness and the quality of care. This full day course is aimed at researchers and practitioners in health and social care who wish to improve their knowledge and skills in searching for evidence.

Provider: NISCHR CRC

18 Mar 2015

Through a mixture of lectures and workshops this course:
1.Provides a history of clinical trials and the development of GCP
2.Deciding what is a clinical trial as per EU Directive discussion of informed consent - the ethical and statutory imperatives with particular reference to vulnerable groups
3.Responsibilities of research personnel and the process for obtaining approvals to conduct clinical trials
4.Overview of the 14 principles of GCP
5.Pharmacovigilance - definitions and a series of case studies are discussed
6.'Monitoring' exercise - group exercise to highlight examples of breaches of GCP and documentation discrepancies that can occur

Provider: Edinburgh Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility

17 Mar 2015

This session covers all the steps required to design, set up and complete a trial. Participants will know what all the organisations and people involved in trials do and what permissions and documents need to be in place at different stages of a trial. This is a must for all new CTC staff.

Provider: UCL

10 Feb 2015

Excellent communication skills are essential to ensuring high quality practice in informed consent and recruitment into randomised controlled trials.