Stats for the Terrified: Intro to Medical Statistics & Making Sense of Numbers: Interpretation of Data

05 Mar 2019

Date: Tuesday 5 March 2019

Time: 9.30am - 4.30pm

Location: Edinburgh

Course description:

**please note the course content and examples mainly relate to medical data**

This is a full day workshop incorporating "An Introduction to Medical Statistics" in the morning and "Making Sense of Numbers: Interpretation of Data" in the afternoon.

The morning workshop is directed at those with no, or only very limited knowledge of statistics who requre better understanding of how statistics can be used to describe and summarise data.

The afternoon session is aimed directed at those who need to interpret numbers but have little or not knowldge of statistics.

The level of presentation is very basic and examples will be used throughout to illustrate the procedures and concepts.

Target audience:

The content is appropriate for those who may need to criticially appraise published (quantitative) articles. The focus is on interpreting rather than generating the results of a statistical analysis. 

Course fees:

Student rate: £46

NHS/Uni rate paid before 22 January 2019: £69

NHS/Uni rate paid after 22 January 2019: £92

Please note there is a cancellation date of Tuesday 19 February 2019, after which you will be charged if you cancel.


For further information and registration details, please refer to the Edinburgh CRF Education Programme website.