Writing in Plain English: How to write an effective lay summary and patient information sheet

28 Feb 2019

Date: Thursday 28 February 2019

Time: 2 - 4pm

Location: Edinburgh

Course description:

Writing a good lay summary and patient information sheet is a challenge. How do you get people interested, keep their attention to the end, get across all the information you need to in accessible everyday language?

This workshop will give you a toolkit to help you write in a clear and direct way. bring your own lay summary or patient information sheet to work in in small groups and we will help you to transform the way you write for a public audience.

Course fees:

Student rate £24

NHS/Uni rate £48

Please note there is a cancellation date of Thursda 14 February 2019, after which you will be charged if you cancel.


For further information and registration details, please refer to the Edinburgh CRF Education Programme website.