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Treatment Modalities 
Gene therapy
Medical Devices
Therapeutic vaccines
Small Molecules
Facilities/Translational Research 
Phase 1 Capabilities
  • Phase 1 population: both solid and haematological tumours, adult
  • Centre specific translational research interest: Our primary expertise to date has been in the development of early phase immunotherapeutics. We are now actively working on developing strategies to control anti-aptoptotic pathways and are developing novel small molecules for clinical testing.
  • Multi-centre Phase 1 studies: with a particular interest in immunotherapeutic and anti-apoptotic pathways.
  • First-in-Man studies

Mechanisms studied:

  • Taxane
  • TKI
  • HDAC inhibitors
  • Diaphorase inhibitor
  • Hsp 90 inhibitor
  • Vinca alkaloid
  • Broad range of novel immunotherapeutics (vaccines, antibodies, adjuvants)
Technology/equipment available within the centre
  • Full range of medical imaging: CT, MRI (funding for 3T machine under consideration), CT/PET, Gamma camera
  • Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility: for the accommodation of patients in early phase studies, including apheresis equipment and sample processing facilities.
  • Radiopharmacy: with full MHRA licence for manufacture of immunoconjugates.
  • Cellular therapy GMP lab: with full MHRA licence for manufacture and storage.
Sample collection
  • Tissue Banking Activity: in-house HTA licenced Tissue Bank for fresh-frozen tissue, single-cell suspension, whole blood, PBMC, serum and plasma.
  • Centre contact responsible for sample collection: Kathleen Potter, Ph.D.  Telephone: 02381 205034

Other equipment/ facilities not available on site:

  • Mass spectrometry
  • Proteomic analysis (university site)
  • NMR for structural protein analyses (university site)
  • HPLC



ECMC funding provides infrastructure support for early phase and translational research.  From the ECMC Southampton portfolio, the following trials have been carried out.

Trial activity between 2012-2015:


Trial by disease type between 2012-2015:


Southampton ECMC has in-house expertise in the design and conduct of early phase clinical trials with immunomodulatory compounds