CRUK publications obligations

09 Feb 2017

As we start the new year, thoughts of conference attendance and publications present themselves. As a reminder we ask that all Grant holders adhere to the terms and conditions for all CRUK grants and endorsements with regards to publications as follows:

Requirements for publications:

1.       Provide CRUK with details of all publications arising from the Grant Activities at the time of submission for publication via the online manuscript submission form on CRUK’s website;

2.       Acknowledge CRUK’s support in the format ‘This work was supported by Cancer Research UK [C ref./A ref.]’) and, for trial results, the CRUK trial number; and

3.       Within 6 months of any publication in a peer reviewed journal, ensure that a copy of each paper funded wholly or partly by the Grant is deposited in Europe PubMed Central.

Should you require any assistance with your publication preparations please contact