Hear about the great PPI work being done across the ECMC network

09 Aug 2018

All ECMCs recognise the importance of involving people affected by cancer in their work and the positive impact it can have on research taking place at their locations. ECMCs are required to report on their activity and progress each year. As part of this ECMCs detail their patient and public involvement activities over the year. The ECMC Programme Office has collated the responses from the adult ECMCs and produced a report which showcases the amount of work being done in this area across the Network. Our main aim in doing this is to support and promote the sharing of knowledge, learning and good practice across the ECMC network and beyond.

Common PPI activities taking place across the Network include patient representatives on governance boards and trial specific steering committees, getting patient input into research documents such as protocols and patient sheets. Newer activities that are beginning to be undertaken by ECMCs include measuring the impact of PPI in research, ensuring that patient representatives come from a diverse background and trying to get PPI into commercial studies. Running alongside all of these activities is the need for engagement events, for example symposiums and open days which both raise the profile of research in a location and are a way to recruit members to patient groups or panels.

Download the report of PPI activities in the ECMC network, 2017/18 here