20 Jul 2016

The ECMC Secretariat is delighted to announce the launch of applications for the upcoming Quinquennium.  Existing ECMC locations are invited to apply for status for the 2017-22 period, and continue their contribution to a leading Network of early-phase clinical trials. 

The ECMC Network strives to push the boundaries of cancer care, by delivering novel and personalised treatments that target a wide range of cancer types across both adult and paediatric specialties.

07 Jul 2016

Researchers at the Institute of Cancer Research have shown that genetic testing in men with advanced prostate cancer could identify those whose disease may be caused by inherited mutated genes.

The study, funded in part by the ECMC Initiative, is the largest of its kind to date.  Saliva samples of 692 advanced prostate cancer patients were collected and analysed, and mutations in key DNA repair genes were studied.  This allowed the team to determine which patients could potentially benefit from precision treatments targeting such weaknesses in cancer cells.

20 Jun 2016

Researchers at UCL ECMC have embarked on the first large-scale clinical trial in Europe targeting T-cell therapy in synovial sarcoma, with University College London Hospitals (UCLH) confirmed as the first study site. 

20 Jun 2016

Researchers have been involved in a study looking at the drug ADI-PEG20 in combination with pemetrexed and cisplatin in treating cancer that has spread to another part of the body or into a high grade brain tumour. 

20 Jun 2016

At the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2016, researchers from Manchester ECMC presented a poster outlining results of the Tumour chARacterisation to Guide Experimental Targeted Therapy (TARGET) trial.  The trial looked at molecular profiling of circulating tumour DNA in stratifying patients to early phase clinical trials.

20 Jun 2016

Provided by Dr Christina Yap from the Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Unit, University of Birmingham

17 Jun 2016

On the 6th of June, Dr Rob Jones and Dr Tim Robinson, presented in Chicago at one of the world’s most prestigious cancer research conferences, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO).

17 Jun 2016

Cancer Research UK is inviting expressions of interest from leading scientists, clinicians and health policy specialists to join their funding committees and expert review panels. They are seeking a broad range of expertise to cover the whole spectrum of our funding schemes, and welcome and actively encourage applications from candidates from all backgrounds across the UK and internationally.

17 Jun 2016

On May 18th, the ECMC Secretariat hosted the Annual Network Meeting in London.

With over 200 attendees arriving from all 18 ECMC locations, the day boasted several Network presentations during the morning, a lovely extended lunch break, and a handful of excellent breakout meetings during the afternoon session.

With data taken from the feedback form, we are delighted to say that 97% of attendees rated the meeting overall as successful, with 89% rating their afternoon session as good.