Experimental Cancer Trial Finder - FAQs

Does the database have UK NHS Ethics?

As the EC Trial Finder is not a research database/project, HRA/Ethics approval is not needed. EC Trial Finder is a searchable register of trials.

Who is leading this project?

Cancer Research UK is leading on this project on behalf of the ECMC network. The ECMC Programme Office is delivering the project in collaboration with the CRUK Technology team and the network.

Is there any commercial involvement?

The project is led by Cancer Research UK, there is no commercial involvement. Access to the EC Trial Finder will be restricted to clinical staff in ECMC centres (those responsible for matching patients to suitable clinical trials).  Controlled access will be achieved by limiting individual user accounts and their associated log in credentials, and therefore is not open for example to industry.

What information is included?

The trial information published on the EC Trial Finder has been designed after investigations into what data is publicly available on external registers. It includes high-level trial information, and does not include any patient or trial data. EC Trial Finder’s aim is to support study recruitment and act as a tool for clinicians to help find suitable trials for their patients.

Who are the ECMC network?

Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres (ECMC) researchers are world-leading scientists and clinicians who drive the discovery, development and testing of new treatments to combat cancer. The ECMC initiative is jointly funded by Cancer Research UK, the National Institute for Health Research in England and the Departments of Health for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

To find out more start here and contact ectrialfinder@cancer.org.uk.

How do I get access?

Access to the EC Trial Finder is currently limited to the ECMC network. If you are part of the network and have not yet received the registration form please contact ectrialfinder@cancer.org.uk