Stratified Medicine - get involved

Getting involved in the Stratified Medicine Programme

For people with cancer

It is not possible to volunteer to be part of the Stratified Medicine Programme. Only patients already receiving care at the selected Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres will be recruited for the programme by their clinical care team. Participation in the programme will have no effect on what treatment they receive.

Cancer Research UK is unable to recruit people directly onto any trials that are taking place in stratified medicine. If you are interested in taking part in research you should discuss this with your doctor.

For more information about what stratified medicine is and related research visit the Cancer Help UK website.


For researchers

The programme is a closed study but researchers may be interested in getting involved in the following ways:

  1. Accessing the programme research data

  2. Linking trials/research projects into the programme

For either of the above please contact us.


For companies

If you are interested in collaborations or partnerships with the Stratified Medicine Programme please contact us.