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Treatment Modalities 
Small Molecules
Gene therapy
Therapeutic vaccines
Facilities/Translational Research 
Phase 1 population
  • Solid tumours and haematological malignancy in adults and children
Mechanisms studied
  • Genetic variation in leukaemia
  • Gene expression, microarrays
  • Immunohistochemistry, tissue microarrays
  • Phosphor-imaging for target and therapeutic location on tumours and normal tissue biopsies
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Pharmacokinetics by HPLC for various drugs
  • DNA strand breaks, cross-linking and repair
  • Tumour localisation of therapeutics by SPECT with dosimetry
  • FDG-PET for tumour response
  • DCE-MRI for tumour blood flow and perfusion
  • CT perfusion
  • Electron Scattering Spectroscopy
  • Cellular and humoral immune responses
First-in-Man studies


Centre specific translational research interest

Broad range of interests in small molecules, protein, physical and cellular therapies and mechanisms related to them.

Multi-centre Phase 1 studies


Technology/equipment available within the centre
  • Affymetrix GeneChip Microarray System
  • Hamilton Microlab STAR with SWAP arm
  • Kratos Analytical AXIMA CFR Mass Spectrometer
  • Leica TCS SP Confocal Microscope
  • Electron Microscopy
  • Leitz Digital Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Advanced ChemTech 396 Peptide Synthesiser
  • Beckmann Coulter CEQ 8000 DNA Sequencers
  • Becton Dickinson FACSCalibur
  • Cytomation Mo-Flo Cell Sorte
  • AKTA FPLC Systems
  • Shimadzu and Gilson analytical and Gilson preparative HPLCs
  • qPCR ABI Prism 7700
  • PDT and Laser therapy
  • Elastic scattering spectroscopy
  • SPECT Imaging
  • 64 slice PET/CT
  • 16 slice PET/CT
  • CT Perfusion
  • 82Rb Perfusion
  • Radionuclide Therapy Programme
  • Large Radio pharmacy
  • Proteomics by Mass Spectroscopy
  • Proteomics by 2D gel electrophoreses
  • Gene Expression Array
  • Tissue Microarray
  • GMP approved recombinant protein production facility
  • IMP-licensed radio-labelling facility
  • CellSearch

  • DepArray

  • Flowcytometry


Tissue Banking Activity
  • Adenocarcinoma
  • Neuroendocrine tissue

ECMC funding provides infrastructure support for early phase and translational research.  From the ECMC London UCL portfolio, the following trials have been carried out.

Trial activity between 2012-2015:


Trial by disease type between 2012-2015: