About our work

Working towards better treatments for people with cancer:

The ECMC Network is dedicated to supporting the early-stage development of new cancer treatments.

Innovating for patients is one of the key motivators behind our work, and we are proud that our Network provides UK-wide access to pioneering, early-phase cancer trials that will lead to more effective treatments for patients.

We are also grateful to those patients who take part in early-phase trials, as their involvement is crucial to our research. 


Our work and success stories:
Bladder cancer: Studies in Oxford have identified a biomarker that may help select those patients with bladder cancer most likely to benefit from radiotherapy. 
Breast cancer: A study lead by Imperial ECMC in London is running is investigating the effects of a new hormone treatment for breast cancer called Irosustat, a steroid inhibitor.
Oesophageal cancer: Southampton ECMC, in a trial lead by the Christie in Manchester, is looking at the best maximum dose of a drug called olaparib in combination with standard radiotherapy for patients with cancer of the oesophagus.
Ovarian cancer: Belfast ECMC is running a first-in-human trial into a new agent for patients with ovarian cancer, which was discovered at the Queen's School of Pharmacy.


During 2014/15 over 2,500 patients were recruited onto trials supported by the ECMC Network