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CERT (CRUK, ECMC and UK Radiopharmacy Taskforce) Resources Area

Welcome to the CERT resources section where you will find guidance and advice related to the set up of clinical trials using radiopharmaceutical Investigational Medicinal Products (rIMPs). We recommend that you begin by downloading the Roadmap which gives an overview of the entire set up process.

Please click here to download the CERT Roadmap

Otherwise, you can access each step in the roadmap directly below by clicking on the header:
Should you require further guidance, you can contact any of the following experts who would be happy to answer your questions:


Biological Manufacture:

Internal Dosimetry:

Nuclear Medicine:

Preclinical Toxicology Studies:

If you would be willing to act as an expert and have your name added to the above list then please contact James Ritchie



Kim Orchard, University Hospital Southampton


Pei-San Chan, Royal Free Hospital 

Margaret Cooper, Royal Liverpool Hospital

Jilly Croasdale, Birmingham City Hospital NHS Trust

Glenn Flux, Institute of Cancer Research

Adam McMahon, University of Manchester

Sam Mowbray, University of Manchester

Maria Palmer, United Bristol Healthcare NHS Trust

James Ritchie, Cancer Research UK

Julie Silvester, Cancer Research UK

Nigel Westwood, Cancer Research UK

Should you have any questions or comments regarding the content of the CERT website then please email James Ritchie.