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Treatment Modalities 
Gene therapy
Small Molecules
Facilities/Translational Research 
Phase 1 Capability
  • First-in-Man studies
  • Phase 1 population: Solid tumours and haematological malignancy in adults
  • Mechanisms studied: TKI inhibitors; Hsp90 inhibitors; Immunotherapy
Centre specific translational research interest

PD/PK and biomarkers, imaging, gene therapy, immunotherapy, pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics in vitro collerates of response.

Technology/equipment within the centre:
  • CT/PET
  • Preclinical in vivo imaging services (Xenogen IVIS bioluminescence; SPECT/CT; optical imaging; PET pending)
  • Molecular Pathology Services including Ventana Discovery automated IHC/ISH to GCLP
  • Affymetrix expression profiling and SNP genotyping
Other Facilities (e.g. Wellcome Trust CRF)
  • Early phase clinical trials unit
  • Inpatient cancer services comprise 80 beds, with 35 beds for haematological oncology including 14 isolation beds for bone marrow transplantation staffed by 46 qualified nurses and 8 healthcare support workers (HCSW)
  • 45 beds for medical oncology and clinics including 16 single rooms (three of which are radiation-protected), staffed by 28 nurses and 9 HCSW; staffed by 26 nurses and 9.2 HCSW.
  • A 15 bedded hostel on site has recently opened to allow patients to be treated in an outpatient setting.
  • Outpatient treatment is delivered in two dedicated day wards open 08:00 to 20:00
  • Cytotoxic reconstitution pharmacy suite with three Chemical Dispensing Cabinets; the facility is licensed by the MHRA.
  • Cancer Research UK Clinical Centre in Charterhouse Square
  • Nuclear Medicine department
  • Clinical Research Centre & Gene Therapy Unit
  • The Stem Cell Laboratory (HTA accredited)
  • Tissue resource centre
  • Facs analysis
  • Confocal Microscope
  • Tissue Microarray


Other equipment/facilities not on site

Cancer Research UK, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London WC2A 3PX - available through ongoing collaborations with investigators at Cancer Research UK London Research Institute.


ECMC funding provides infrastructure support for early phase and translational research.  From the ECMC Barts portfolio, the following trials have been carried out.
Trial activity between 2012-2015:


Trial by disease type between 2012-2015: