ECMC North Conference: The impact of COVID-19 on early phase cancer trials and the approaches taken to adapt to the pandemic to ensure patient safety

19 Oct 2020

Wondering what other centres do to overcome the challenges of COVID-19 for early phase trials?  Interested in contributing to sharing best practice?  Don’t know who to ask about COVID-19 implications when planning future trials?  Then join ECMC North in the educational event to help develop a framework for delivery during the pandemic.

ECMC North - the northern ECMC sites - have worked together over lockdown to obtain a Pfizer Quality and Process Improvement Educational Grant to run a web-based educational event and then set up a digital information platform.  The focus of this will be how pre-clinical and clinical units have adapted to continue safely delivering early phase cancer trials; we will develop an on-line Community Hub of curated outputs as an educational resource for all early phase cancer trials units.

The launch event will be held online on 19 October 2020, 1-4.40pm and ECMC members across the whole network are welcome to attend.