Implementing novel designs in early phase dose-finding trials

20 Sep 2021

NIHR Statistics Group - Early Phase Clinical Trials Virtual Meeting 2021

The meeting this year will be held virtually and bring together early phase trialists (including statisticians, clinicians and trial managers) to discuss practical implementation of novel early phase trial designs, early phase guidance and reporting quality.

The programme features invited talks from Professor Saye Khoo (University of Liverpool) and Dr Sean Ewings (University of Southampton) on the AGILE COVID-19 national early-phase platform trial, and Victoria Homer and Piers Gaunt (University of Birmingham) on newly developed guidelines for statistical analysis plans in early phase studies and Dr Olga Solovyeva and Professor Christina Yap (The Institute of Cancer Research) on reporting quality in dose-finding trials.

There will be breakout group sessions for attendees to discuss key topics at the heart of using novel designs in practice: from the design and application for funding to statistical and operational considerations during the conduct. These will help shape future work of the Early Phase Clinical Trials section. Attendees are also invited to submit abstracts for virtual poster presentations of recent and ongoing work in the development and implementation of novel designs in early phase trials.

The event is free, but registration is required and limited to 100 places. The deadline for registration is 1 September 2021.

More information on the draft programme