Workshop about e-health and telehealth for AYA with cancer

17 Nov 2021

Have you experience of online techniques that seek to provide supportive care to adolescents and young adults with cancer? Perhaps you have been using them for years, perhaps more in the last 18 months? Please consider joining this workshop, and share the details with your personal network if you would

We are seeking representation from across our spectrum of experts by experience — AYAs to capture the users’ perspective, as well as providers such as nurses, social workers, oncologists, psychologists, clinical care coordinators, researchers, peer support providers, charities, service managers.

We are seeking delegates to join a workshop as discussants. The delegates must be registered for the main Global Accord Congress on December 1-2 2021.

Contributors include Pandora Patterson, Fiona McDonald, Stu Siegel, Dan Stark, Brad Zebrack and Norma D’Agostino

The workshop aims to share and understand:

  • Clinical experiences
  • Outcomes data where it exists
  • The place of telehealth going forward

The goal of the workshop is to build towards:

  • A best practice guidance document for integrated/hybrid care
  • A framework for implementing and evaluating tele-health services for AYA.

Each workshop will be recorded, and the findings synthesized to generate a webinar that would be shared with participants at a later date.

Please save the date and share with your network interested in AYA cancer