Showcasing the Capabilities of ECMC Manchester

The above video showcases the key capabilities that Manchester ECMC has to offer, and which disease site groups we are focusing on. Within Manchester, our 6 major disease groups are: Lung, Breast, Melanoma, Gynaelogical, Prostate and Haematological. 

These disease groups are supported within our cross-cutting themes of Experimental Therapeutics, Biomarkers, Radiation Related Research, Imaging and Molecular Pathology. Recent developments include the opening of the Proton Bean Therapy Centre set for Summer 2018, the first in the UK of its kind. This is in addition to the arrival of our MR Linac imaging system and our continuously expanding experimental trials portfolio.

Our pioneering, on-going TARGET study links into our major centre strategy to focus on precision medicine for all patients who are being treated in Manchester. It involves the molecular profiling of circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA), to stratify patients onto early phase trials. This process requires input from a range of healthcare professionals, at regular molecular tumour board meetings, to discuss the results of the study tests and aim to match the patient to the best trial for them.

We may have an appropriate trial available for patients in Manchester, but on the occasions that we do not, our first action would be to look at all the trials available in the North via our ECMC North network. This is a partnership across several ECMC centres (Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Sheffield and Belfast). We then may be able to match a patient to a trial that is happening at another centre. This is solely facilitated by access to the wider ECMC network, which gives us the opportunity to form a group and work together to improve treatment options for patients across the UK.