ECMC Research Nurse training: Successful nursing in a phase I environment

24 Feb 2022
Over the past year the ECMC Research Nurse Network Group has delivered training for more than 40 research nurses new to working in early phase cancer research. One of the many impacts of the COVID pandemic on research nurses has been the reduction in training on offer to them. The ECMC Research Nurse Network Group had developed training for adult and paediatric research nurses who have been working in early phase cancer research for around 3-18 months. The aim of this course was to equip new early phase research nurses to deliver high quality, patient-centred care within the regulatory framework. The ECMC has run this training at various locations across the UK five times. We recognised the importance of ensuring that new research nurses continued to have the opportunity to access this training.  The one-day in person training was updated to become two half-day online sessions.
The new format for this training has received positive feedback with one delegate saying: “This a great study session for all those joining the research nursing job for the first time like me. Very insightful and informative.” 
The ECMC Research Nurse steering committee will be discussing the future of this training and in what format it should continue when they next meet. If you would like to be notified of when this training runs again, please sign-up to the ECMC Research Nurse Network Group