Remote monitoring guidance

24 Feb 2021

At the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 Pandemic resulted in restrictions which made on-site monitoring of clinical trial data and documents more challenging due to safety and social distancing restrictions. These restrictions meant alternative ways of monitoring clinical trials needed to be explored and implemented to ensure data integrity and patient safety on clinical trials.

The shared collective knowledge of the ECMC Centre Business Leads Forum has resulted in the operational teams from centres working collaboratively to produce some guidance on remote monitoring activities based on experiences and approaches across the network. This document can be used by members of the network to help implement or improve remote monitoring practices, resolve common issues or help discussions with Trusts or Sponsors to adopt remote monitoring.

The ECMC Programme Office would like to thank all of the Centres and Network Members who have contributed to the contents and creation of this document.

Download the latest version of this working document [Feb-21]

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