UK Coronavirus Cancer Monitoring Project (UK CCMP)

30 Jul 2020

The UK Coronavirus Cancer Monitoring Project (UK CCMP) continues to make incredible strides in logging the majority of UK cases of COVID-19 in cancer patients. Nearly 2,500 patients have been entered into the registry to date, making it one of the largest registries in the world. It is a testament of the ability of UK cancer centres/ECMCs to work together, effectively and collaboratively in the middle of a global pandemic. Huge strides are being made in terms of understanding pathogenesis, patients at risk, suitability of treatment and appropriate interventions. The project continues to make impact on a global arena with a major Lancet publication. This project simply would not be possible without the incredible work of the ECMC and our network of 250 doctors, nurses and data scientists who are working around the clock to understand how we can deliver safe cancer care in the era of COVID-19.

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