University spinout to develop new cancer drug

09 Dec 2020

Researchers in the University of Sheffield Department of Oncology and Metabolism have formed a new university spinout company (Modulus Oncology) with experienced drug development entrepreneurs Dr Clare Wareing and Dr Alan Wise from Edinburgh-based bioincubator company Cumulus Oncology. The academic team of Professors Tim Skerry and Joe Harriety (from Chemistry) and Dr Gareth Richards are joined by Professor Glen Clack, AstraZeneca's former Chief Medical Director in Oncology & Honorary Professor in the University of Sheffield, and Professor Andrew Biankin from the Glasgow Beatson Institute, who leads from the UK "Precision Panc" initiative to develop new therapies for pancreatic cancer.

Modulus is seeking investment to develop its first in class adrenomedullin 2 receptor antagonist. Preclinical studies suggest the drug has potent influences on tumour growth and a favourable side effect profile. If funds are raised, Modulus expects to be ready for first in human studies within two years.

For more information, please contact Professor Tim Skerry ( or go to