Experimental Cancer Trial Finder - Sponsor Information

The objective of the EC Trial Finder is to help drive trial recruitment by easily matching patients to early phase clinical trials within the ECMC network by providing ECMC clinical staff access to an accurate, searchable, up-to-date database of actively recruiting trials.

EC Trial Finder was created to tackle a known problem: a lack of visibility of recruiting oncology trials and the resulting challenge this provides in matching patients to trials and referring across the network, ultimately impacting trial delivery.

Who has access to the EC Trial Finder?

During the alpha testing phase, access to the EC Trial Finder is restricted to clinical staff in the ECMC network (those responsible for matching patients to suitable clinical trials)

What trials are in scope of the EC Trial Finder?
  • Trials open and in set up in the ECMC network
  • Adult and paediatric trials
  • Phase 0, I, I/II, non-randomized phase II oncology trials
  • Early experimental trials including imaging trials that involve prognostic biomarkers and chemoprevention trials
Benefits of including your trial on EC Trial Finder
  • Visibility of your sponsored trial information across the ECMC clinical network
  • Increased opportunity for patient referrals
  • Increased opportunity to enhance patient recruitment volumes
  • Increased opportunity to improve patient recruitment timelines
  • Increased opportunity to improve patient referrals and recruitment for trials that can be hard to recruit to, i.e. stratified trials low patient population
What is different about EC Trial Finder?

EC Trial Finder is in the unique position to harness the power of the ECMC network, which is utilised to ensure the database stays up-to-date and accurate. This is achieved by monthly trial information updates submitted directly by the local NHS Location EC Trial Finder coordinator.

The search and filtering functionality is custom designed allowing faster way to quickly identify suitable trials e.g. age, location, molecular stratification and treatment. The database includes updated contact details of the recruiting site, enabling users to quickly contact the site to to determine whether their patients may be eligible and gauge slot availability.

How to get your trial on the database?

We have created a blanket approval process, which enables all your current and future ECMC oncology trials to be included in EC Trial Finder without a separate notification letter to you

Please get in touch with EC Trial Finder Programme Coordinator Siru Virtanen ECTrialFinder@cancer.org.uk to request a Sponsor Blanket Approval form.

What trial information is included?

Basic trial information is pulled into the database and updated by the local NHS Location EC Trial Finder Coordinator. It includes high-level trial information and does not include any patient or confidential information.


Please see further details in our FAQ section.