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04 Apr 2024

Continuing our series of interviews with the JING alumni, this month we caught up with Associate Professor, Dr Harriet Walter, co-Lead at Leicester ECMC. She spoke about her career and involvement in the ECMC Junior Investigator Network Group (JING).

13 Mar 2024

In the first in our planned series of interviews with members of the JING alumni we caught up with Professor Kienan Savage, co-Lead at Belfast ECMC. He talked to us about his career and experience of being involved in the ECMC Junior Investigator Network Group (JING)

14 Dec 2023

The ECMC Programme Office recently welcomed Talia Macauley Kelly (left), Paediatric Impact & Engagement Manager and Rosie Richardson (right), Data Analyst to the team, increasing our capabilities to support the delivery of early-phase clinical trials sooner. Find out more about them.

11 Dec 2023

We caught up with Angela Topping who recently became the Chair or the NHS R&D Forum. Angela has previously worked with the ECMC Programme Office/Network so we asked her about her new role and thoughts on how we can continue to work together.

31 Oct 2023

A study that has found a new treatment that may be able to reverse drug resistance in prostate cancer patients by targeting myeloid cells was recently published in the journal Nature. We spoke to Professor Johann de Bono, Lead at The Institute of Cancer and Royal Marsden Hospital ECMC to find out more.

18 Sep 2023
Photo of Dr Elizabeth CorleyWhat is your role and which ECMC do you work at?
I currently work at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust (London – RMH / ICR Paediatric ECMC) as a paediatric oncologist with a special interest in sarcomas and drug development.
Why did you want to focus on paediatric oncology?
05 Sep 2023

This childhood cancer awareness month we spoke with children's oncology research nurse, Lauren Butler and her team at Alder Hey (Liverpool paediatric ECMC) who told us why she chose to focus on paediatric oncology, what some of the opportunities are in the role and the team's proudest achievement.

07 Aug 2023

Results from a Phase I trial investigating the use of Mov18 IgE, an anti-folate receptor alpha IgE antibody, as a cancer therapy have recently been published in Nature Communications. We spoke to Professor James Spicer, Lead at King's Health Partners (KHP) ECMC to find out more.

08 Mar 2023

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we sat down with the new Head of the ECMC Programme Office, Sheona Scales. We got to know Sheona, discussed her new role, her vision for the Programme Office and what International Women’s Day means to her.

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16 Feb 2023

Over the past few months, the ECMC Programme Office has welcomed three new members to the team. Eleanor Davies (ED), ECMC Project Liaison Intern, Neil Bhattacharjee (NB), Project Officer and Amy Wiles (AW), Project Officer. Find out more about them.