Welcome to new members of the ECMC Programme Office - February 2022

24 Feb 2022
Over the past few months, we have welcomed four new members to the ECMC team. Lamise Nasr, Paediatric Network Manager; Molly Obadiah, Digital Healthcare Business Development Manager; Meghan Quirke, Website Executive Intern and Mollie Stebbings, Data Analyst (Clinical Trials). Find out more about them here.
What is your role in the ECMC Programme Office?
Lamise Nasr [LN]: ECMC Paediatric Network Manager. I support the paediatric network both operationally and strategically and work on various strategic-level projects, that aim to positively influence the clinical research environment for children and young people
Molly Obadiah [MO]: I have joined as a Digital Healthcare Business Development Manager in the ECMC Programme Office. In this role I am working on the next phase of the Experimental Cancer Trial Finder tool as well as developing a long-term strategy for the tool.
Meghan Quirke [MQ]: As a Website Executive Intern, I work on monitoring and updating the website’s content to allow us to showcase the networks current and future initiatives. I aim to improve the web analytics data we have on user experience to best meet user needs, while providing a long-term plan for ongoing maintenance of the website.
Mollie Stebbings [MS]: Data Analyst (Clinical Trials)
When did you join the team and can you describe one highlight you have had since joining?
LN: I joined at the beginning of December 2021. A highlight for me has been attending the ACCELERATE 2022 paediatric conference. It was great to be part of some of the pressing discussions regarding how academia, industry and patient and public advocates can work together to ensure equity of access to medicines for all children and young people.
MO: I joined the team in December 2021, right before the festive period. I have really enjoyed getting settled in to such a friendly and welcoming team!
MQ: I joined the team in January 2022 as an Intern for three months. My biggest highlight so far is how welcoming and supportive the team have been.
MS: Monday 21 February. Starting to learn the scientific knowledge surrounding the clinical trials has been incredibly interesting
What was your experience before joining the team?
LN: I studied Chemistry with Biomedicine at university and then briefly worked as an MDT co-ordinator in Lung cancer, which really opened my eyes to the disproportionality between progress being made across different cancer indications. I then did an MSc in Experimental Pharmacology & Therapeutics, and my project looked at drug delivery of gene therapies using polymer vehicles in glioblastoma cells. Most recently, I worked as a Life Sciences Consultant, supporting Industry, strategically; with oncology being my main area of interest and expertise. 
MO: I completed my degree in Neuroscience before working in the Pharmaceutical Industry.  After this I joined CRUK and have been here for the past 2.5 years. I was previously working on delivering research funding partnerships with non-commercial organisations before moving over to the ECMC team.  
MQ: After graduating with a BSc in International Development and Food Policy, I worked as a Professional Fundraiser on a variety of campaigns for charities, such as Macmillan Cancer Support and Alzheimer’s Society. 
MS: I was a data analyst in the Reporting and Data Management team within Supporter Led Fundraising Engagement and Operations at Cancer Research UK
What hobbies do you enjoy doing outside of work?
LN: I enjoy cooking (I’m currently taking a class on Wednesday evenings) & of course, the subsequent eating part. I’m also a big reader, and like going to the theatre and to different shows. Most recently, trying to get back into the gym and running, with some encouragement from my PO colleagues!
MO: I really enjoy running and I am training for the Brighton Marathon this April. I also love to travel and anything creative, especially ceramics - I am a member of a local pottery studio!
MQ: I really enjoy hiking, travelling to new places and being outdoors in nature. 
MS: I’m also doing a Business Intelligence course with Imperial at the moment alongside work and starting to learn Python which is exciting
I’m also really into anything artistic, in particular artistic makeup
If you were only able to read 1 book, watch 1 movie and listen to 1 song whilst stranded on an island, what would they be?
LN: The Quran would be my book of choice, as I’m a practicing Muslim. School of Rock – I watched it on repeat as a child, so I don’t think I’ll get bored and PYT, Michael Jackson as my song of choice – Might as well dance if I’m stranded…
MO: The Catcher in the Rye, Breakfast Club and Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac!
MQ: The Art of Happiness by The Dalai Lama, Pixar’s Soul and Enjoy yourself by Doris Day.
MS: Book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Movie: Donnie Darko, Song: Sitting on the Dock of the Bay- Otis Reading