Patient and Public Involvement in the ECMC network

All ECMC locations recognise the importance of involving people affected by cancer in their work and the positive impact it can have on the research taking place at their location. Reports showcasing the PPI activities of the adult ECMCs can be found here.

The ECMC Programme Office supports the ECMC network Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Group. This group brings together those leading on PPI in the work of their individual ECMC to:

  • Create a network providing peer support, sharing best practice and learning
  • Champion PPI in experimental cancer research within the ECMC network and beyond

Each adult ECMC is represented on the group by 1 x member of staff (involved in PPI in their ECMC) and 1 x person affected by cancer [PaC] (who is involved in PPI at their ECMC).

For researchers: the list below is of the staff representative contacts who should be able to provide further information about local PPI activities (at their ECMC location) and help to advise you on how you could involve people affected by cancer in your research. For example, providing details of any local patient groups or panels who could review documentation.

ECMC network PPI Group: Current members - staff representative

ECMC Staff Rep Email address
Barts Pete Hall
Belfast Ruth Boyd
Birmingham Karen Turner
Cambridge Rebecca Bradley
Cardiff Angela Harris
Edinburgh John Curran
Glasgow Karen Bell
ICR/RMH Sarah Stapleton
Imperial Kelly Gleason
KHP Ambi Williams
Leicester Theresa Beaver
Liverpool Carlo Palmieri
Manchester Glenda Laviste
Newcastle Ben Hood
Oxford tbc  
Sheffield Angela Green
Southampton Kerry Fitzpatrick
UCL Dominic Patel


One of the activities identified by this group was to provide resource to support people taking part in PPI activities in early phase cancer reseaarch. The booklet Early phase cancer research: a reference guide for patient and public involvement contributors can be downloaded here.

If you would like any further information about the ECMC network PPI Group, please contact Hannah Brown, Project Manager: