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05 Mar 2024

The ECMC has recently recruited Professor Gary Middleton to the role of ECMC Network Lead. We spoke to Gary to find out a bit more about his initial thoughts on the role.

16 Jan 2024

The Barts ECMC team has embarked on a project to increase access to trials by improving information materials for potential patients and their families. The project involved creating patient-facing videos where patients were interviewed in their native language about their experience of being on a clinical trial to provide more clarity about the process, deliver an honest account of their experiences, and to bust some potential misconceptions about clinical trials in general.

18 Apr 2023
We sat down with Phil Brace, Chief Executive of the Little Princess Trust (LPT) to find out more about why he wanted to get involved in the ECMC network and his hopes for the future.
Can you tell us a bit about the vision and aims of LPT?
16 Mar 2023
Last month (Feb-23), we held the 10th annual Junior Investigator Network Group (JING): Training the Next Generation event. About 100 people from across the ECMC network attended the two-day event in Leicester, to learn more about early phase trial design. This course is a mixture of lectures and interactive sessions, including advice on attendees’ own study ideas from senior investigators across the ECMC network and from a range of experts.
14 Dec 2022

The ECMC’s Complex Innovative Design (CID) trial consensus paper was published in January 2020 and has since been one of the BJC’s most popular downloads. At the time of its publication the authors were unaware that the pandemic was only weeks away and that complex innovative design (CID) studies like RECOVERY would become household names in combatting COVID-19. In honour of BJC’s recent 75th anniversary the writing group has recently published a follow-up commentary. We invited the authors to discuss these publications and the future for CID trials.

19 Jul 2022

Read about the work of the ECMC Programme Office to promote the ECMC network externally and building relationships with not just with Pharma, Biotech, Medtech and CROs but with key stakeholders including our sites, regulators and the various teams within the NIHR infrastructure who engage with industry.

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24 Jun 2022

Hear about the 9th annual Junior Investigator Network Group (JING): Training the Next Generation event which took place in May 2022 in Sheffield.

19 May 2022

Improving the efficiency of trial set-up and delivery has been identified as a key priority in the Saving and Improving Lives: The Future of UK Clinical Research Delivery, launched in 2021. The ECMC network has initiated, in partnership with the Health Research Authority (HRA), a project which aims to develop and test revised approaches to set-up of early-phase trials within the ECMC Network.

12 Apr 2022

We're pleased to launch new and informative webpages that will help you navigate the new research regulatory landscape.